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Jul 25,2014
narnendil: Reading "Teaching the unknown", thanks for sharing such awesome fic! But just so you know, chpt 3 ends with TBA though you've already posted chpt 4! Looking forward to continuing reading it! ^_^

Thank you so much~ Sorry for such long waits between the chapters and then my super long hiatus. I am working on the next chapter now and I will fix the link when I get off mobile tumblr.

Jul 25,2014

Hello again friends~ it’s been a while.
This is me attempting to start up this Reituki blog again. Hopefully I can get back in the habit of writing and drawing and posting. I finally got around to watching CODA too so I should be able to draw some awkward doodles.
I still love the GazettE and I still love this ship so this blog shall live on. Thank you all for sticking around with me.
(Ruki will always be a brunet and Reita will always be blond to me I don’t care this is how I will write/draw them most of the time)

Jul 3,2014

I have not given up on my stupid Reituki blog and I have not given up on my stupid Reituki teacher x student AU. I have not given up.

I will be back

Feb 13,2014

Happy Valentines Day! 

((Sorry Ive been gone for so long and I dont know when I’ll start doing things again, I have not given up on this shittyass Reituki blog I promise. Love you all~))

Jan 18,2014

Two of my close friends are currently in the hospital and another is going through depression. I’m scared and worried and I don’t know what to do anymore but I do know that I really don’t feel like keeping up with blogging for the next little bit so I will say a good bye to you all for now. 

My da is also going on hiatus but my feels blog will still be up and running for when I need to cry over feels so you can go there to check if I’m still alive. 

Dec 30,2013

Reituki magnets~

Outfits from the Filth in the Beauty era

Dec 24,2013

Merry Christmas~ 

Or whatever the fuck you celebrate~~~

Dec 21,2013

Reita’s festive undies 

Dec 19,2013

Only five more days until Christmas~

I dont usually celebrate Christmas so I thought this year maybe I could try doing a gift exchange with some people. If anyone wants to do a GazettE/anime gift exchange with me, send me an ask and Ill stalk your blog and get you some shitty little present or make you something, in return for a little something from you <3

I live in Canada but I’ll ship worldwide~~~ 

Hope to hear from you soon! Happy holidays! 

Dec 16,2013

Oh god it has been such a long time since the last chapter. I have not given up, and I will keep updating whenever I have the effort to do so.

I would suggest reading the previous chapter or something to get familiar with the story again. (Previous chapters can be found here)

This has not been edited, and is proudly brought to you by procrastination and frustration.


- - -

Suzuki Akira had bad luck, he had always believed that.

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Dec 16,2013

There are like 739848435 things I should be doing but Im actually working on the next chapter of Teaching the Unknown (you can read previous chapters here

Oh god with break in just 3 days, Im so busy and I just want to sleep. I should be doing something productive right now but asdfghjkl dkahda; kkafa kf

Kay, bye~ Until next time <3 

Dec 7,2013

Getting ready for the holidays~

Dec 7,2013

Im drawing my new festive blog background at the moment

Here is a little preview of what is to come~

Dec 7,2013

omg laughing so hard I cant even my next fanfiction will be like—

And then Reita groaned as he gently pushed his Passive Humble Sea Lion into Ruki’s warm Black Indecisive Spring Water. 

Dec 7,2013


A little drawing of Ruki because I have INSIDE BEAST stuck in my head

My dA for more art stuffs: http://yuuqing.deviantart.com/